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Discover TherapyMantra's tailored bisexual counseling services, designed to offer the support and guidance needed to navigate the unique challenges of being a bisexual individual.

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This is what the issues faced by Bisexuals can look like...

  • Bisexual erasure
  • Bi-phobia and stereotypes
  • Identity confusion and questioning
  • Biphobic comments and jokes
  • Invisibility and misunderstanding
  • Discrimination in relationships
  • Exclusion from LGBTQ+ spaces
  • Mental health disparities
  • Dual stigma and isolation
  • Invalidating bisexuality
  • Lack of community support
  • Limited visibility in media


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Based on your unique needs and preferences, you will be matched with a counselor who is well-suited to support you. In your secure “therapy room,” you will have the opportunity to communicate with your counselor through chat or phone, allowing you to freely express yourself and discuss bisexual issues


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Complete our Assessment to receive an immediate report that will help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms.

TherapyMantra’s approach is rooted in extensive clinical experience, comprehensive expertise, and the latest research findings. Our program is designed to empower clients with the necessary resources and tools to make lasting and meaningful progress in achieving their mental health goals.

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  • Select from a pool of qualified experts who specialize in tailored support, with the option of meeting them in person at select locations.
  • Leverage therapist-recommended tools for continued care and support in between sessions.
  • Track your progress and witness tangible improvements in your mental health over time.


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Alongside therapy, you will have the opportunity to access a variety of self-care tools, including yoga, meditation, and community support


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Your questions about Bisexual Counseling, answered

Bisexual counseling is a form of therapy that provides support and guidance specifically tailored to the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals who identify as bisexual.

Bisexual individuals often encounter unique issues related to identity, biphobia, and erasure. Bisexual counseling offers a safe space to explore these issues, promote self-acceptance, and enhance overall well-being.How can bisexual counseling help?

Bisexual counseling can help individuals navigate their sexual orientation, address internalized biphobia, develop coping strategies, build self-esteem, and foster healthy relationships within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

No, bisexual counseling is not limited to crisis situations. It can be beneficial for individuals at any stage of their journey, whether they are seeking support, exploring their identity, or looking to enhance their overall well-being.

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